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CHA Pet Policy

The Pet Policy for the Housing Authority of the City of Calhoun,  Georgia is designed to allow residents the privilege of owning a pet  while also respecting the interests of the Housing Authority.  (The  only acceptable pets are dogs, cats, birds, and fish.)
Pet Deposit
A One Hundred Fifty Dollar ($150.00) deposit will be required from  each family.  A $50.00 deposit will be required of the senior or  disable resident who wishes to keep a pet.  Only one pet is allowed per  apartment.  For the purpose of this policy, one cage or aquarium will  be considered as one pet for pets quartered in a cage or aquarium.
Pet Maintenance
When pets are outside, the tenant or his/her designee must attend  them.  Pets may not be quartered outside.  No doghouses or related pet  quarters will be permitted.  Pets may not be left chained to posts or  structures or allowed left unattended outside.  The pet owner is  responsible for removing pet waste and disposing of all waste by  wrapping it in a paper bag, or other sanitary container and placing it in the container provided by the Calhoun Housing Authority.
A  $10.00 charge will be assessed each pet owner when it becomes necessary  for the Housing Authority to remove pet waste.  Three (3) violations  shall be cause for removal of the pet, or in severe cases termination  of the rental contract.
A current certificate signed by a registered veterinarian stating  that the animal has received all inoculations required by State and  local laws shall be kept on file in the pet owner’s file folder.   Inoculations shall be updated as prescribed by State and local laws.   Evidence of current inoculations shall be displayed on appropriate tags  attached to a pet collar and worn by the pet at all times.

Density of Pets
No pet owner shall own and keep in the apartment more than one pet  any larger than 40 lb., or more than one aquarium no larger than 20  gallons, or more than one bird cage on a stand larger than 18’ X 18” X  30”.
Pets determined to be a nuisance should be removed from the apartment.  Pets may be physically removed when:
  1. A pet becomes vicious;
  2. A pet becomes a nuisance
  3. The pet’s owner becomes unable and/or unwilling to care for or control the pet.
  4. Federal, State, and Local Leash Law regulations are not met.
Flea Treatment
If it becomes necessary for management to treat an apartment for  fleas, the pet owner shall bear the cost of such treatment.  Repeated  flea problems shall be cause for the removal of the pet, termination of  the pet, or both.
Prior Approval
Residents who wish to keep a pet must receive prior written approval  from the Housing Authority and must complete a rider to the lease  agreement. The lease rider will include provisions for caring for the pet in the absence of the resident.
(Adopted November, 1999, by the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority of the City of Calhoun, GA)
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